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Social Media Marketing is the new and cost effective way to introduce and build your business. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced we show you step by step HOW to use social media sites to make you and or your business known to an ever expanding audience without the time and the expense most people spend. We take the guesswork out of where to begin. Social Business Network Marketing is viral. People talk and word spreads like wildfire. Become visible in local and nationally-recognized magazines in your niche.

Our Social Media techniques increases your visibility through top placement in search engine ranking on Google increasing your perceived authority and knowledge in your field or business venture.


Since I started  my home based business I have taken a look at a lot of marketing and advertising information on the internet. That's what I got, a lot of information and it only lead me to ask "now what" the 'what next' syndrome. Bardi's  unique in that she has shown me what to do not just tell me. Her videos were simple to follow, all I had to do was Do it. Social Media is a fantastic and inexpensive way to get "out there". It truly is viral. Bardi has been available for questions I have had and I think she is the best Social Media Marketing consultant and teacher that I know of. I recommend Bardi to anyone who is starting a business or anyone who wants to increase their visibility and profits. Thanks Bardi.

Kendall Brazley

Don't let your fears and inexperience in the world of Social Media Networking and Marketing STOP you from exploding your business in 2010! The relationships you build (the cornerstone of any profitable business) with your prospects, clients and partners will give you the confidence to effectively create the prosperity you want.

Avoid the 3 Biggest Mistakes businesses do to ruin their social media presence

How you can avoid the 3 Biggest Mistakes a businesses do to ruin their social media presence. The Biggest Secret for your Business by knowing the difference between one social media and how to use them to your advantage.

Understand Social Media and HOW your business benefits by using the key principles and strategies that lead to success
Create your own step-by-step "Social Media Roadmap" where your actual strategy is mapped and recorded
How Outsourcing can leverage your efforts and save time. We share tips and techniques on how and why to outsource effectively

If you are new to Social Media, use the 2010 Social Media Guide to put all the pieces of the Social Media puzzle together without the guesswork ! Everyone else TELLS  you about the pieces to a Huge Puzzle … We SHOW YOU what to do with them.


Social Business Network Marketing is viral. People talk and word spreads like wildfire.

Does this sound familiar?

I think of all these Social Media sites are A Waste of Time and Just for kids
How Can Social Media Marketing Possibly Help My Business?

How can I use YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin the right way to effectively help my business?
I Want Someone who is a Technical Expert and has Proven Results

“Bardi is by far the most thorough and current marketing strategist I have encountered. Her understanding of new trends and how best to utilize them focuses on minimizing cost and maximizing results. She SHOWS you how to do what will create results not just tell you.

Chris and Irene Neale


I have known Bardi Toto for 3 years now. Bardi shared with me the Social Marketing strategies she implemented and they are the real deal if you want to be financially free. Bardi's own success in network marketing, being top earner in two companies she was in was proof that she knew what she was doing. Bardi is expert trainer for any person or business that wants to be branded on the internet. What seperates Bardi from  other consultants is that she will not only tell you how, but will actually show you step by step how to get maximum exposure on the internet. If you are looking for the Holy Grail of  training for social marketing, look no further.

Matt Mortenson

The 2010 Social Media Guide will help you make connections, build relationships, increase your profits and become more visible in your niche!

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Secret Benefit of Youtube to Skyrocket Your Business
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