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Top Rated Web Hosting Services of April 2024


Rating is 5 out of 5


  • Worldwide network
  • Ultra-fast Intel Core
  • High Performance and Cheap Cloud Dedicated Servers
  • Great Uptime and Support
Digital Ocean

Rating is 4.9 out of 5

Digital Ocean

  • Remarkable Performance
  • Active Digital Community
  • Simple Control Panel
  • Professional hosting starting at $5 per month

What is Website Hosting?

Website hosting is an online service that is typically offered from a service provider to host all of the necessary files to run your website on a specific domain address. Users are always looking for ways to find the best hosting service that offers cheap web hosting. Cheap web hosting can be quite hard to find because there are so many premium features being offered in the hosting deals that are created by these top-tier providers.

The top web hosting services typically offer their hosting to users through a monthly or annual plan. These hosting plans are usually discounted if you buy them up-front instead of on a monthly plan.

Hosting companies sometimes throw in free web domains or free website builders or forum builders to new users that purchase their services. This provides new users with an incentive to try out a specific hosting plan without too much risk. Some hosting companies do a really good job at providing bonus offers to users that want to host a website without having to spend a significant amount of money. We are going to continue to explore some of the attributes and features that you can expect to find when purchasing the best web hosting services.

Types of Hosting Services

Standard Web Hosting

There are dozens of great hosting services to consider buying for your own website. A lot of people like to stich with the top hosting companies when selecting website server hosting. The reputable companies provide very little risk and generous service plans that get the job done. The problem is that some of the top-tier companies fail to offer advanced cloud hosting plans or ecommerce hosting support.

Website server hosting plans can be extremely affordable if you are looking for standard features and a basic control panel to manage everything. The costs can really start to add up when you start trying to add blog hosting, email hosting, and other advanced features to go along with your service plan.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is extremely popular for larger websites because it basically means that an entire server is specifically provided to you for your website. No other website owners that use the same hosting provider will be able to use that server. These types of hosting plans are significantly more expensive than your standard hosting service.

VPN Hosting

VPN Hosting is popular for a couple of different reasons. The main reason that people like to purchase VPN hosting is because it is designed to create a private network with advanced security protections. This network can be accessed remotely to control all of the files and resources from anywhere.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting services are one of the most common types of services and it is one of the cheapest hosting plans that you can acquire from top hosting companies in the industry. Unlike dedicated hosting, shared hosting allows for other clients to share a network and host multiple websites. This can lead to slower loading times and other related problems if a server is overloaded with too many clients.

Cheap Web Hosting

There are very few companies that deserve to be recognized as the best hosting provider. Many hosting providers are greedy and overvalue their own services. The best hosting providers provide affordable web hosting options with slightly limited features to ultimately offer the best value. Cheap web hosting likely won't have advanced features like Ecommerce and Email Hosting. You will miss out on several premium features while still being able to host a basic website on a web server.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting has to be one of the most popular types of hosting right now. Everybody loves installing WordPress plugins to optimize their website and get it running effectively. It can be extremely challenging to find the best wordpress hosting in the industry because only a few hosting providers are fully committed to offering WordPress support. The good news is that top-tier companies are starting to provide some of the best wordpress hosting services with automated installation and several configuration options for the client.

ECommerce Hosting

If you plan on starting an online webstore, then it is probably a good ideal to look for a hosting provider that provides high-quality Ecommerce Hosting services. A lot of premium service plans for Ecommerce have outstanding plugins for webstores and security. This is a great way to launch your webstore with ease.

Cloud Hosting

There are several great cloud hosting providers that are starting to emerge within the industry. Cloud hosting is extremely popular because it allows for your entire website to be accessed and managed within the cloud. This basically means that a network of cloud servers are always in contact with your website and it can be controlled by using the cloud resources that are available to you. The very best cloud hosting providers are starting to find new ways to bring the prices down on their best cloud hosting service plans.

Blog Hosting

Some of the best blog hosting sites are starting to bundle their blog hosting plans with their traditional standard hosting plans. The reason for this is because a traditional landing page can be configured with some basic plugins to start a traditional blog. WordPress is also another popular extension that can be used to effectively manage a blog at little cost.

Managed Hosting

There are a few popular managed hosting providers but this is certainly a rarer service that most individuals won't need for their personal website. This type of service is traditionally a little bit more expensive and it can be harder to find.

How to Choose a Web Hosting Service?

There are a couple of different factors that you should try to use when deciding what type of hosting provider that you want to use to host your website. It really depends on your budget and your ultimate goal. Some people only need basic email hosting and a standard shared web hosting plan. Other people need dedicated cloud hosting with multiple domains and servers connected through the same plan.

If you are looking for a cheap web service, then it is probably a good idea to take a look around some of the more popular brands and try to find an affordable starter plan. You should be prepared to pay for an annual subscription because it will likely be significantly cheaper if you pay annually instead of monthly.

You can also look for generous introductory-rate offers that some companies offer to their new customers. You can acquire a generous introductory-rate on your initial service term and save quite a bit of cash.

How Much Does it Cost to Host a Website?

The ultimate cost comes down to the speed, storage, memory capacity, and type of hardware that you are planning on using. Shared hosting is always going to be a little bit cheaper than cloud hosting or dedicated hosting because you will be sharing a slightly slower server with other clients.

You could find a way to save money on a domain by finding a hosting provider that offers a free domain with an initial service plan. You can expect to pay anywhere from $50 up to $500 per year on hosting services for an average website depending on what you need.

Factors that Increase the Price of Hosting

  • Cloud Hosting
  • Memory Storage
  • Hardware Speeds
  • Bandwidth
  • Additional Email Accounts
  • Additional Domains


There are a lot of different aspects that go into hosting a website. Several providers go above and beyond to provide their clients with a convenient experience from start to finish. There are great cheap web hosting plans available on some of the most reputable hosting providers as well. You should try and factor all of the important topics that we have discussed into your decision before finalizing any purchase with a hosting provider.

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